About Our Project

Our project is based on the theme of Childhood Rituals on the beach. Our aim is to transport people back to how they were as children, using interactive water and sand installations, along with immersive audio and video.

Our exhibition will be in a room in the college. The interactive sand installation will be a box of sand where people move the sand around with their hands. The camera on top of the sandbox will pick up the movement of the hands and then different sounds will come through the headphones as the hands move. It is done using the platform Ableton.

The interactive water installation will be created in Touch Designer as well. A moving image of a more magical interpretation of the water in the sea will be projected onto the wall using a projector and a computer. There will be a camera in front of the projection and whenever people move in front of it, the camera will pick up the movement and the image will move around. This captures the way in which most children play with water at the beach.

There will also be a beachy musical ambiance played in the exhibition room created in Ableton. It will capture the sounds and feelings of the beach and will be relaxing and soothing for the people to hear. There is also a video that will be projected onto one of the walls. This is a video of a view of the sea, and it will have beach chairs in front of it so that people can sit there and relax.

Meet the Team


Sarah Crosse

Project Manager & Visuals

Sarah has been in charge of planning and organising of this major project. She has been keeping communication up with all team members. She has kept a schedule on microsoft planner and wrote up agendas for every meeting.


Leanne Watters

Interaction & Audio

Leanne was in charge of designing and creating the interactive sand installation. She created it using Ableton Live along with the Connection Kit and Spitfire Audio. She captures the relaxing mood of the sea. Leanne also created the website for the project.


Joan Mc Enaney

Visuals & Interaction

Joan was in charge of designing and creating the interactive water projection. She created it using Touch Designer and designed all the different nodes that were needed. Then she tested it with other people to see if it had the desired effect. She also wrote up all the minutes of the meetings.


Ka Ki So


Ka Ki was in charge of designing and creating the ambient audio and music for the installation. She created it using Ableton Live. She captures the calmness of the sea atmosphere in her music using Ableton’s built in instruments.